Friday, December 10, 2010

Fluffy- Warm Doggy Neck Warmers Free Crochet Pattern

Designed with Chihuahua’s and small dog breeds in mind.

Precious is wearing two neck warmers together.

Small dog breeds such as chihuahua's are chilled quickly during the cold winter months due lack of fur.  Some people may argue that dogs shouldn't need clothing;  I think most dogs don't. However, for the little chihuahua's that weren't born or blessed fur sure seem to appreciate a little added comfort during the cold winter season.

 Have you ever noticed how much warmer and more comfortable you are in cold weather with a neck wrap or scarf? The small dog breeds with little to no fur, aren't any different. My dog looks forward to her sweaters and wraps every winter, as it sure does help take the winter shakes right away!

My neck wraps, and warmers have not only added warmth and style for my own furry friend, but my free patterns, have helped other chihuahua's be fashionably adorable and kept warm as well.

Treat your small dog breeds, and little chihuahua's with TLC during the winter months, and crochet him/her a neck warmer. They will appreciate the extra love and care.

Please enjoy the pattern, and don't forget to leave comments or questions if you have them.
I would also really love pictures I can post here on my blog. It would be so nice to see the different variations, and happy pups from around the world who benefit from these neck warmers!



Sensations Beautiful Multi Color
Crochet hook size US I9 5.5
Craft needle (large eye) for weaving in yarn


Chain, Single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, slip stitch
Chain- ch
Single crochet- sc
Half double crochet- hdc
Double crochet- dbc
Slip stitch- sl st
Space- sp 

Ch 23 join chain, with sl st. Make sure the chain is not twisted.

  1. Ch1, sc in each Ch. around.  Join with sl st to first Ch.
  2. Ch. 1, dc in each sc, around. Join with sl st in first sc.
  3. Ch. 1 hdc in each dc around, join with sl st.
  4. Ch1,  dbc, in each hdc, around. Join with sl st.
  5. 8*Ch.1, SC in each dbc around. Fasten off. 
Weave in loose ends and put around your little dogs neck! See how he/she enjoys the coziness of it.     

COPYRIGHTS: Every crochet item or design you see @ (haniebcreations) is first copyright protected.  The rights of these items do not belong to public domain.  All crochet patterns, are made up using my own ideas, designs, and by my own imagination, therefore they shall not be copied from this site, to be sold or distributed in any way, nor re-designed, or sold without my written consent. Thank you for respecting copyright laws, and artist’s creations.

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