Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Free Holiday Sweater Crochet Pattern for Small Dog Breeds

Free Crochet Pattern which was used for Holiday Sweater for Chihuahua

Medium Worsted Weight Yarn
Craft needle for weaving loose yarn
Hook size (L) 8.00mm

Sc- single crochet
Hdc-Half double crochet
Join- slip stich
Sl st- slip stich

Ch 27, leave a long tail.
Round 1- Sc in each ch, unite with sl st. Be sure the chain is not twisted.
Round 2- Hdc in each sc, (back stitch) of sc, and join with sl st to first hdc.
Round 3-  9 ch 1, hdc, in back stitch of each hdc around.
Round 10- Flatten the garment, so that the tail is facing down, and center. Begin at the side, hdc in the next,* ch 5, counts five hdc, and attach with sc to the fifth hdc*.  Ch, five and repeat from * to * except instead of attaching with sc, attach with hdc instead.   

Stop here; pull the yarn to create a loop that won’t unravel.  Remove the hook, and try this on the dog.
Lay your dog against you, legs facing up. Slip the sweater over its neck, with the holes facing the legs.  Gently bend the dogs’ leg, towards its chest, and slip each leg, through the opening one at a time. Gently pull the dogs paw to straighten the dogs’ legs, and pull the sweater down to fit over the stomach area. NOTE: (if the openings are too small, use 6 chains instead.) 

Round 11- 14 Continue hdc, (working back stitches), into chains and around, fasten off.  If you want to have a cuff neck, or cow neck simply crochet a few more rounds.  If you want to create a narrow neck, decrease stitches until it reaches the neck measurements of your dog. 

Fasten off and weave in loose ends.

To see more photos of the finished pattern refer to blog post Crochet a Holiday Sweater for Chihuahua.

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