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How to Burn Body Fat and Lose 2 Pounds Per Week

By Stephanie Gellepes

How to safely, and effectively burn two pounds of body fat each week and keep it off!

New Years Resolutions bring about many changes for the New Year, so what about the weight loss goals you have set out to accomplish year after year, that started off well, yet fail miserably every time?

Are you one who will say, ?"This year is going to be the year I loose this weight!" 

I'm sure there is a diet or two you haven't tried, Unfortunately loosing weight this way isn't the safest or least expensive route. Chances are you will only gain it back, and more of it.

If you follow this advice you will burn body fat safely and effectively. Loosing actual body fat that wont just creep back on in a couple of months or when you run out of that wondrous diet pill that costs an arm and a leg.

You may not like what I'm about to say about HOW to lose that weight for good, BUT...

In order to get the results you have been looking for you are going to have to incorporate some type of exercise.  

The key is to pay attention to your body and with the use of the following tools you should be able to see the pounds drop away. It is not going to happen over night  so patience, persistence and perseverance is vital, and if you want this bad enough, you will see results!


Moderately Easy
Things You'll Need
  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Perseverance
  • Heart Monitor (fit bit)
  • Body Fat Analyzer
  • Healthy diet
  • Eliminate sugar or sugary foods
  • Eliminate Alcohol
                        Step 1 

Food Guide Pyramid

The main thing you will need to consider of course is the types of foods you are eating,(no diet plan to follow). I recommend eating three meals per day, following the food guide pyramid guidelines. Eliminate or cut down on sugar and alcohol. Alcohol slows down metabolism. If you want to loose body fat cut out these two things and you'll begin to notice a difference in the way your body burns fat.

                        Step 2

Full Body Muscle Chart 

People come to me and say, " I lost 5 lbs this week, isn't that great?" Well...(Hate to be the bearer of bad news)but,the answer is NO. Loosing 5 lbs of body fat in one week is not realistic nor is it SAFE. More then likely, what you have lost is water weight and muscle. muscle burns fat so, you definitely do not want to loose the muscle.

Step 3 

                        Fat Analyzer 

Now, in order to loose the body fat, you will need to determine how much body fat your body has verses lean mass.  There is a variety of ways to measure body fat but one simple way would be to invest in a hand held "Fat Analyzer". They usually run anywhere from $35.00 to $50.00. There are a variety of different types. Fat Analyzer is something you will keep and use for years, so it's worth the investment. The fat analyzer works based on the information you  will program into it, such as your gender, age, weight, and fitness level. Once programmed, simply, hold the fat analyzer in your hands until it stops, and you get a reading. It measures by using invisible electrode that go back and forth inside your body measuring (BMI) Body Mass Index which determines the degree of body fat or obesity verses lean mass.

Step 4  


Obesity Shows
Some people might not feel a need for the Body Fat Analyzer at first because they can see for themselves. However, DO NOT GIVE UP.  Know that you are going to need more time to develop your muscles. This can work for you, if you apply it. Simply get started.  Start a walking program and be sure to make an appointment to see your regular physician to have a physical. Let your physician help you take the steps toward building muscle.  

Step 5


 Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Be ready to take your fitness level up a notch, (which combines increase in lean muscle mass, and cardiovascular health) . Think about purchasing a Heart Monitor. The  Polar brand Heart Rate Monitor is one most recommend. It has advanced technology. Make sure to purchase one that tracks and uses beeping sounds which informs you're in what is called the "fat burning zone".  Maximize this tool, and avoid purchase of the basic model. 
Read  up on what it can do for you before you purchase it and be sure to use it every time you exercise. This little device when programmed with your personal data will help YOU reach your fitness goals. It is the most effective tool for measuring proper intensity and heart rate.

                        Step 6

Body's Energy Source (ATP) Chart 

What is the fat burning zone? "You might ask" Fat burning zone is a based on several different factors. The body uses different levels of energy in exercise. The fat burning zone is the zone, which says you are working heart and muscles hard enough to burn fat, determined by the heart rate. The body uses (ATP)- Adenozine Triphosphate. (ATP) is formed in the body as a source of energy, like gas to a car? It uses metabolic pathways all having to do with heart rate, oxygen in the body, and loading or impact on the larger muscles.
Cardiovascular training /aerobic are synonyms and both uses (ATP). In order to burn fat effectively, you will need to combine full body muscle building exercise such as strength training. Another way would be to begin taking Pilate's or Yoga two times per week (for over-all body workout)whatever you choose, combine it with aerobic exercise at least three times per week alternating between the two.

Step 7 


Finding your exercise routine bliss. What type of exercise do you love, that would make cardiovascular exercise enjoyable? It could be swimming, running, rollerblading, jumping rope, ice-skating, or even walking. Whatever it is, you are going to do this at least 30 minutes per day three times per week minimum. If you want to do five days... Great! Now, it takes at least 10 minutes to warm up and a total of 15 minutes (including warm-up) just to access the fat burning zone. Once in the fat burning zone(determined by your handy-dandy heart monitor), you're well on your way; get ready to burn!

Step 8 

Journal Progress 

Now here is where the real fun begins.  Writing and logging your exercise progress in an exercise journal. This will be an important tool for tracking daily activity. By now, assuming you have measured your body fat, scale weight, and current exercise regimen. 
Document all the things you enjoy doing; it could be favorite exercise or exercises you would like to try. Be sure to record work-outs specific to entering your "Fat Burning Zone".  Example : Let say the monitor tracked you in 15 minutes, but you exercised for 30 minutes. Log that information.
Swam 30 minutes heart monitor tracked progress, fat zone for 15 minutes. At the end of every week calculate and total up how many hours you were in the zone take a measure of your body fat calculation and see where and how you progressed. This information will be helpful to determine changes you will need to make.

Tips & Warnings
  • Healthy diet avoid sugar and alcohol
  • Build all three levels of fitness which combine strength,cardiovascular and flexibility.
  • Make sure to eat a balanced diet three times per day. Skipping meals or not eating, will only work against you. The body stores fat to compensate.
  • If you have less then 50% body fat and you want to go from an average weight to fitness level, you'll greatly benefit from having these tools.
  • Record journal log daily, do not forget to record amount of time spent in your target heart rate/fat burning zone. Journal writing can be very effective tool. It will also help you SEE what needs to be done (more or less). It will also help you to see when to change exercise program to prevent Plateauing.
  • Keep slow steady pace while reaching your goals. Avoid rapid yo-yo dieting and weight loss.
  • Metabolism might take time to build so be patient in the process.
  • If you feel faint of dizzy while exercising. STOP.
  • Use CAUTION when exercising your heart, make sure you know your own body capacity.
  • Rapid weight loss wastes muscle tissue and causes the body to gain twice as much the next time, that is the danger of loosing weight too fast.
  • Over 40 years of age? Check with your physician before exercising.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask or leave a comment below. I'll check periodically to help out any way that I am able. Thanks for Reading.

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