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How to: Crochet the Infinity Neck Warmer for Small Dog Breeds

Oh how we love our little furry friends. Keeping warm during winter is easy if we supply them with a little warm love around their necks.

Quick and easy: Beginner

Infinity Neck Warmer Crochet Pattern.

Pattern shown here is a different version of the same pattern.

* Written instructions here*
Crochet hook - Q size large blue hook
Yarn- Lyon Brand thick & quick -Pink

Double up the yarn, by rounding up two balls

Measure your dogs neck, and create a chain to meet that exact measurement.
The yarn does give so, if your measurements are exact this gives space needed, and provides a nice perfect fit.

The pattern below is for neck size measuring 11 inches

With both strands of yarn, and hook
Rnd 1- * CH 17, be sure your chain is not twisted, join with sl st to first ch.
rnd 2 - Ch 1, Repeat from *
Repeat once more, or as needed for desired width.

Once you have completed the rounds, fasten off. Take the strands on both sides, tie a loose half knot to the front of the warmer, and wrap the remaining strands to the back side of the warmer, and tie a full knot to complete.

That's it!

Embellish with a cute button, or re-purpose a vintage piece and clip it on. Use your imagination.
Questions or comments are always welcomed.

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  1. SO CUTE! THANKS for sharing.. I will try it soon!