Saturday, June 15, 2013

How To Re Use Cosmetic Pump Bottles: Perfect for Travel Kits, Lotion, or Craft Paint

Neutrogena is a favorite. I particularly like Healthy skin enhancer, which combines three of the skins daily essentials all in one. 

Neutrogena’s healthy skin enhancer is not only a great product, the bottles are equally too good to toss in the trash.

 Mistakes made in the past was reluctantly tossing these little gems after each emptied; all the while completely unaware of how to get one open and re-use it. 

 Not only was it troubling to know a perfectly good bottle was on its way to a landfill, each time the bottle near the last drop of product, my good ol re-cycle, up-cycle, or re-use impulse would kick in, and I'd begin to examine the bottle to see how it might be pried open. 

One day, about to toss the bottle, something inside said " There is a way to open this bottle".  With a little tug at the top, a little bit of effort, and a strong pull, it wasn't going to open that way. 

It always bothered me that there might be another three days worth of product that I couldn't get too because of the pump. 

Once the bottle opened, it was easy to scrape out another three or four days worth of product, AND  opening the bottle saved me from wasting hard earned money on travel kit bottles or compact lotion bottles that were so poorly made they weren't worth the trip to the store.

You or someone you know may love to travel a lot, and would really appreciate the ability to freely make up their own travel kits.  

So without further delay.

You will need

* Used Neutrogena healthy skin pump bottle or any other pump bottle left over from cosmetics.
* A razor (exacto knife type) or razor thin object
* Popsicle stick or (Q-tip) works best
* Small air tight jar (such as old eye cream container) to store remaining product.
* Hot Soapy water

Step 1- Remove the easy peel right off labels. (no need for soaking).

Step 2- Use your razor blade or exacto knife, (carefully position the razor blade in between the clear part of the bottle, and the obvious upper portion) slide the razor into the crease and give it a slight twist to the right.

Step 3-  Take a Popsicle stick, or Q-tip and scrape out the remaining contents of the product and place into another small air tight container.

Step 4- Thoroughly wash the bottle with soapy hot water, and let air dry. 

Step 5- Once the bottle is cleaned use the pop-cycle stick or other object to push the clear disc pump back down to the bottom.

The bottle is now ready to be used.   

Once the new product has been added, simply snap the lid back into place.  Pump away!

When your bottle has emptied of its contents, repeat the process.

The bottles can be Re Used again, and again until the bottle breaks or just doesn't work anymore.

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